School Principal takes to the skies


Pool Academy’s Principal took to the skies over the summer holidays to take part in a tandem skydive.

Claire Meakin was given a special birthday present this year at Perranporth Airfield. After years of talking about it she finally made the jump – falling 10,000ft out of an aeroplane.

It was scheduled for Friday, August 24th, but after sitting at the airfield from 8am until 1pm she was sent home because it was too windy.

Miss Meakin said: “The wind was too high so I got sent home. I didn’t think I would be able to do it again before the start of term but the weather improved and I went back on Friday August 31st.

“It was great and a brilliant experience. We took off from Perranporth Airfield and as we were getting higher I saw my house and the school - I was very excited about that bit.

“It was a tandem jump so I was always attached to the instructor. The moment of first falling out of the aeroplane is a crazy experience and then there’s 30 seconds free fall where I was tumbling. Then when the main parachute came out it was a smoother ride and I got to really enjoy the views.

“I have been talking about doing it for years and never got round to it but somebody booked it for my birthday.  It was very exciting and I would definitely do it again.  

“I have started this academic year feeling really positive and am determined to support all students to achieve whatever they set their mind to - Be brave, dream about exciting adventures and then make them happen.”

Christiana Richardson