Kind-hearted students create plans to battle loneliness  

Kind-hearted students from Pool Academy have drawn up a plan to help battle loneliness in their community.

Head Boy Matthew and Head Girl Holly have joined forces with some prefects in the school to befriend the older generation.


Holly and Matthew will be meeting with a representative of nearby care homes to try and form new friendships.

They want to invite a group of old age pensioners to Pool School Art Gallery to take part in creative workshops with students. There are also plans in the pipeline to bring music and singing to their carehomes.

Holly said: “We are trying to help break the stereotypes of younger and older generations. We will be speaking to someone in charge of care homes in the area. We want to arrange a workshop in our art gallery for people from the homes and students.”

Matthew said: “We also want to go to the care homes and do some singing and music.

“I think they will enjoy it because unless they have their own grandchildren visiting they may not meet people our age. It would be nice to sit down and chat to them.”

Holly added: “We are hoping to do this before November.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “I am incredibly proud of these students who are prepared to use up some of their time to visit the older generations.

“We are happy to invite members of the community into our art gallery and hope they enjoy the workshops. It would be lovely to see the two generations creating art together.”

The project to end loneliness in the community was suggested by students when they spoke to members of the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth Community Network Panel meeting this month.

They hope to attend the November meeting to give feedback on the project.

Christiana Richardson