Primary pupils get arty

Pupils from Rosemellin Primary School visited the Pool School Art Gallery on Friday ahead of its official opening.

The children were able to see the beginnings of the exhibition which included artwork from Jonty Lees.

anotherschool (1).JPG

They then learnt about the differences between 3D and 2D work and discussed the work of sculpture artist Barbara Hepworth.

They were then invited to draw up some of their own creations on a large, shared piece of paper.

Graphite pencils, scissors, CD cases and plastic packaging were just some of the items available for the children to use to make some imaginative art work. They used a number of different techniques on including smudging a graphite pencil to create shading.

Lynne Spencer, Art teacher at Pool Academy, said: β€œThe students have done some really good work at the gallery.”

Pool School Art Gallery will also be officially opening for members of the community to see pieces by well-known artists on September 20th at 5pm.

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Christiana Richardson