Teachers get their blood pressure measured

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Teachers and school staff took some time out over the lunch break to discover if they had high blood pressure.

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Health, Safety and Wellbeing officials from Cornwall Council visited Pool Academy from 1.10 pm until 4.10 pm last Friday. They came armed with equipment to help measure and record blood pressure levels.

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They were also on hand to give out health and lifestyle tips to inform people on how to reduce their risk.

Jess Harvey, Assistant Wellbeing Advisor for Cornwall Council, said blood pressure depended on a lot of different factors including family history and genetics.

She said: “It is good to take regular exercise and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, don’t smoke and limit your alcohol intake.”

A number of staff members took part including Lisette Neesham, Rachel Facey, Peter Ryder, Tim Bareham and Debbie Martin.

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Sadie Sutcliffe, who also works at Pool Academy, said: “Getting my blood pressure taken is not something I would go and have done but when it’s on your doorstep it is good to make use of the service.”

Another staff member, who was given a healthy reading of 127 over 81, said: “Thank you Cornwall Council for bringing Health, Safety and Wellbeing assistants to the school. It was handy to get my health checked over lunch time. People in schools work really hard so it was nice to be able to access the service in working hours.”

Christiana Richardson