First Super Saturday a success

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The first Super Saturday event at Pool Academy has been heralded a success with more children set to take part next week.


Organisers of the event, created for children in Year 5 and 6, saw nearly 30 primary school pupils taking part.

During the morning there was an array of activities including pizza making, arts and crafts, drama, football and basketball. Fruit, biscuits and juice were provided at snack time.


Yvonne Adams, who helped organise the first Super Saturday, said: “It went well. We had nearly 30 children take part and we have more booking places for next week.

“Children enjoyed the pizza making. Some ate their pizzas straight away and others were walking down the path eating them when their parents came to collect them.

“The children all went away really happy. It was successful. We were really pleased.


“Next week it will be even bigger with more children.”

Vicky said: “I was doing basketball with the children. They all seemed to really enjoy it.”

Sessions start at 9am and will run until 12pm and will run every Saturday until October 13. To book a space email

Christiana Richardson