Positive behaviour scores points

Students are scoring points with their positive behaviour at Pool Academy this term.

Teachers have been tallying up achievement points given to young people at school since the beginning of term.

Year 7s are currently leading the way with the highest amount of points in the whole school. 7ALM have managed to rake up 1,088 already. The second year group with high achievement point numbers is 9EKC with 480 followed closely behind by 8KF with 466. 11MHA have so far collected 318 and 10JJO have 317.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy teacher, said: “The battle is really starting to heat up in some year groups.

“With five weeks left until half term anything could happen.

“Students need to work hard to be able to score some more points for their class.

“A big well done to everyone who have been given points so far. Keep up the good work.”

A special achievement point board is being created near the school’s PE changing rooms.

Christiana Richardson