Students set to offer a helping hand

A group of Pool Academy students will be asked to give a helping hand to Year 7s as they start learning in their new environment.

Around 30 Year 10s will be selected in the next couple of weeks to work with 30 Year 7s to help with numeracy and literacy.

This will be part of an initiative with the Franklin Scholars planned to take place over the academic year. Those wanting to coach younger children have been given an application form to fill out and will be interviewed for the position.

The chosen group of coaches will then be trained before introduced to a member of Year 7 to help. It is hoped this will allow older students to also become better learners while they help others.

Franklin Scholars will work with Pool Academy and the selected students over the academic year with resources, handbooks, activities and visits.

The current Year 7s already have Transition Ambassadors but these new coaching roles will focus specifically on literacy and numeracy.

Rachel Facey, from Pool Academy, said: “This will be a great way for our more mature students to support the younger ones who started at Pool Academy this term. We hope to see the benefits of Franklin Scholars coaching in both the Year 10 and the Year 7 members.

“We look forward to seeing which students will be involved in the initiative and how they develop over the year.”

There will be a celebratory ceremony at the end of the year organised for all the students involved in the programme.

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Christiana Richardson