Pete Ryder -  Head of Faculty for English and Modern Foreign Languages.


Pete Ryder has been teaching since 2003 and has been at Pool Academy for almost 10 years. He has served in many different roles but has always stayed in the English department.

This term he will be Head of Faculty for English and Modern Foreign Languages.

He said: “I am excited about taking on this new role and want to give the students the opportunity to engage in the subjects passionately.

“I will be using systems which will allow the students to develop. They will show and question levels of development of the children’s progress and targets.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “Many students and parents will already know Pete Ryder from his various roles within the academy.  The new role this year though is definitely the most exciting for us. 

"Strong literacy skills - both in our first language and others - are really important and Pete Ryder is determined that all students leave with the highest levels of literacy possible.  He understands the importance of getting a strong partnership between home and school and will work tirelessly with parents to support every individual student. 

"I am confident this faculty will deliver very strong results for all students in the future.”

Christiana Richardson