Phil Jones – Head of Academy Services


Phil Jones has worked at Pool Academy for 14 years. He started as an IT Technician and was promoted a week later as Network Manager.

This term he will take on his new role as Head of Academy Services.

He said: “I am looking forward to the new role. It is a new position created at the Academy. It is something that has grown as the Academy has expanded. As my own role has changed so much over the years it now fits in nicely for me to take on this responsibility.

“I am excited as it will pull a lot of things together and everyone will be able to work together a lot more effectively.

“I want to make sure everyone understands what is happening and that people feel involved and part of the school as a whole.”

Claire Meakin, Principal at Pool Academy, said: “Phil’s appointment to this role is really exciting for the academy.  He has been hugely successful as our Network Manager for over 10 years. He has led brilliant projects including an iPad for every student and Buzz the Bear’s trips to Space.

“This new role gives Phil the opportunity to test his project management skills right across the academy.  He’s already started talking to students about key initiatives they would like to see this year including reducing our electricity usage, becoming a plastic-free school and increasing our recycling.  I am very excited to see what projects they dream of next.”

Christiana Richardson