Head Boy and Head Girl offer to help the community

Pool Academy’s Head Boy and Head Girl attended a council meeting to offer students' help to the local community.

Head Boy and Head Girl speaking at a recent council meeting

Head Boy and Head Girl speaking at a recent council meeting

Holly and Matthew, Year 11, spoke to members of the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth Community Network Panel meeting on Tuesday evening.

The two students were second on the agenda to speak to Cornwall Councillors, Parish Councillors and members of the public from the area.

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They spoke about Pool Academy, what it was like to be a teenager and offered ideas for student projects for the community.

Holly said it was a new experience to talk to council officials but found it a great experience.

She said: “We spoke about some of the projects we could do with the community. We suggested ideas which included a school fete and inviting local groups to do assemblies.

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“The people at the meeting decided which were the most important ideas and chose a project about loneliness in the community.

“The meeting was a good opportunity for us to meet members of the community.”

Matthew said: “It was the first time we have given a speech to adults and it went well. It was a good experience.

“I would definitely do it again. We had a good response and they all told us how well we had done. Some of them offered to help us with our project.

“We hope to speak to them all again in November.”

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Prefect Kaitlin also attended the evening. She said: “It was an interesting evening and great to think about projects we could do with the community.”

Claire Meakin, Pool Academy Principal, said: “The Head Boy and Head Girl did incredibly well at the meeting. We were very proud of the way they represented the school.

“I was really proud of all three students and am looking forward to inviting more prefects to the next meeting.

Christiana Richardson