Students invited to take part in after school fun

Students are being invited to take part in after school fun as the new term starts.

A range of sporting activities have been arranged for people to take part in and more subjects will offer activities later too.

From September 10th on Mondays budding footballers are being invited to take part with the new Plymouth Argyle Boys Development Centre.

Tuesdays offers a Netball club for years 7 to 11. There is also an all years Basketball club and the Lastonets Netball Club.

An all year Hockey Club takes place on Wednesday as well as a number of Rugby clubs for different year groups.

Thursday nights are Fixture nights as well as a fitness/ dance club and on Friday afternoons there will be girls football.

Sharon Bright, PE Teacher at Pool Academy, said: “We look forward to seeing as many students as possible to take part in the different clubs being put on after school.

"The PE department is excited to offer a range of clubs which are a great way to improve and learn new skills, have fun and  make new friends.

"If anyone has any suggestions of a club they would like us to offer please come to see us. Our fixtures against other local schools will start on 19th September."

Watch this space to find out more about other sports and activities happening throughout the academic.

Christiana Richardson