Plans for Cadet Force at Pool Academy are flourishing

 Plans for a Cadet Force at Pool Academy are flourishing as organisers announce links with a nearby regiment.

In November last year the school was given permission by the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education to set up a MOD sponsored Army Section Detachment of the Combined Cadet Force.

Now Simon Ferguson, Pastoral Support, is working hard behind the scenes to get it up and running. He recently announced he has made links with the 165 Port and Maritime Regiment which has a Squadron based in Bodmin. This will make Pool CCF one of only a few Royal Logistics Corps 'badged' Cadet units. 

He has also signed the Armed Forces Covenant pledge this month on behalf of Pool Academy.  Signing the pledge demonstrates the support of the Academy for the Armed Forces Community.

Mr Ferguson said: “It is exciting to have been able to make these steps forward in setting up the Cadet Force at Pool Academy.

“Signing the covenant pledge shows we are serious about showing our support for serving members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. The school staff has members who have served their country, as well as former pupils and parents and it is fitting that we make this public declaration of the value that the school places on Armed Forces community. This is underpinned by the work we will be doing with the CCF and the close links we are forging with 165 Port and Maritime Regiment.”

Training for adult instructors will start this month and April with a view to the Detachment officially opening in September 2019.

The cadet force at Pool Academy will be for students aged between 12 and 18 years old and will provide challenging activities in a safe environment using the values and standards of the Armed forces.

Pool Academy will soon appear along with others signed up to the covenant on line

Christiana Richardson