Students for Yearbook committee

Year 11 students are being urged to join a Yearbook committee to help create a publication full of school day memories for when they leave school.

Pool Academy teacher Jamie Best is looking for people to help plan and design the book which will be handed out at the end of the summer term.

The first meeting has been planned for this month to start collating ideas.

Mr Best said: “It is exciting to be creating a yearbook this year. We are looking for a team of willing Year 11 members to help commemorate their time at Pool Academy. We are also looking students to contribute old photographs, great quotes and other things we could put in the year book.

“We will be looking at the old year books to get inspiration.

“Once the Yearbooks have been created they will be part of the leavers package which also includes a hoodie.

“I am very excited to be part of creating a yearbook and can’t wait to see the final publication.”

Head of Year 11 Jodie Phillips said: “The Yearbook committee will be meeting this month. Please make sure your child has emailed me if they are interested in being a part of documenting their wonderful memories at Pool Academy.”

Christiana Richardson