Successful achievement shop needs more prizes

A student awards shop has been doing so well that teachers are now calling out for more prize donations.

Jamie Best, Pool Academy teacher, created an Achievement Points shop with an array of rewards including books, footballs, gift cards and stationary for those scoring highly each term.

The shop offers a variety of different gifts which can be ‘bought’ by students using their achievement points.  The more expensive the prize the more points a student will have to earn.

The scheme has been doing so well that Mr Best is now putting a call out to the community and nearby businesses to help donate more prizes.

He said: “If there is anyone able to support us by donating anything to the shop that would be really appreciated. Donations could be anything from sports equipment and stationary to even a voucher for a free haircut at a salon.”

Anyone willing to help out are urged to email Mr Best on

Christiana Richardson