High School Musical’s leading actors

Rehearsals are well underway for Pool Academy’s production of High School Musical due to be staged next month.

The well-known show’s story is set in an American High School where the children have to audition for its musical.

Cameron Friggens, in Year 8, and Amara-Leigh Hull, Year 11, are taking on the lead roles and say they are looking forward to opening night.


Troy Bolton

Cameron Friggens

HSMlead (2).JPG

“I am excited about being in one of the lead roles for the show. I can’t wait to take part in the performances although I am a little nervous too.

“I have enjoyed drama and performing since I was in primary school. I seem to be getting bigger roles to play each year. Hopefully it carries on.

“I take part in drama at school and it is something I would like to carry on in the future.

“Taking part in the rehearsals is a bit more work but you get used to it. It is challenging but becomes easier once you have remembered the lines and are more confident.

“I love it on stage so much and I am not scared. The first night is a bit harder but then you get into it.

“I love it and I really enjoy performing for the primary schools. “

Cameron enjoys playing cricket and had a role in last year’s school production of School of Rock.



Gabriella Montez

HSMlead (1).JPG

Amara-Leigh Hull

“I’ve been in plays every year since I started attending Pool Academy. This is one of the most fun ones I have been involved with because I am one of the lead characters. I have never been the lead before so I am really excited.

“I love High School Musical.

“I have put so much hard work and dedication into the role.  I have listened to all the songs and learned them all.

“When I do things I always fully throw myself into it.

“I have been inviting everyone to come and watch.

“Outside of school I take part in a drama group in Hayle every Thursday. Currently my Thursdays are very busy. I go from rehearsals at school to my music group and then on to my drama group and I don’t get home until 11pm.

“I make lots of singing videos and post them online and I also go to auditions. I am hoping to go up to The Voice audition later this year.

“After we finish High School Musical I am going to focus on my GCSEs.”

Amara-Leigh has a passion for music and has taught herself how to play the keyboards and the guitar.

Sharpay and Riley Evans

Siblings Riley and Sharpay Evans are two more lead characters in High School Musical. They are the co-presidents of their school’s drama club and dream of being top actors in the future.

The pair are played by Poppy Smith, Year 9, and Katie Roberts, Year 10, who are looking forward to being part of the school production next month.


 Sharpay Evans

Katie Roberts


 “It is pretty fun being able to play Sharpay. I am a little nervous but it is a good role to play.

“I have acted outside of school and have been part of The Redruth Operatic Society Trust drama group and I now take part in the Stagecoach group in Truro.

“I have been in a production of Oliver before and have gone to the West End.

“I think Sharpay is one of my biggest roles yet.”

Katie wants to use her singing, dancing and acting skills in a future career.



Riley Evans

Poppy Smith


“I was in last year’s school production but I had a smaller role than this one. It is exciting to take on a bigger role and there is some singing involved too.

“I do like High School Musical.  Rehearsing has been fun and it is a new experience.

“I am nervous and excited about performing as I have a solo with Katie. I have asked everyone to come and watch.

“I have been rehearsing a lot and I practice at home as well.”

Poppy said goes to Vox Dance studio with Katie in Camborne once a week.



Christiana Richardson