Students plant Dog Roses

plantingagain (2).JPG

Students were handed spades and forks to help plant Dog Roses in the school grounds ready for spring blooms.

The group gathered round a piece of earth near Pool School Art Gallery to take part in some more planting.

The school was given more than 100 saplings last term from The Woodland Trust to help spruce up its beautiful grounds. Some of these have already been put in the earth at the bottom of the gallery’s garden.

Chris Harper, groundsman at Pool Academy, said the students really enjoyed getting involved with the gardening.

He added: “I marked out the area with bamboo sticks for the students to put in the Dog Roses.

“They are going to grow and grow and look really nice because Dog Roses are climbers.”

plantingagain (1).JPG

The Trust delivered its schools’ tree pack, which includes Hawthorne, Hazel, Elder, Downy Birch, Dog Rose and Dog wood, to the academy before the Christmas holidays.

The Woodland Trust offer a number of different schools’ tree packs including Hedges, Year-round colour, Copse and Wild harvest.

The academy had to apply for the greenery and when the application was accepted it was also awarded two Green Tree Schools Award points.

Christiana Richardson