A return to work programme is looking for candidates.

An engineering service is looking for skilled workers in Pool who want to return to work after a career break.

Representatives from Babcock, based in Plymouth, is running a 13-week STEM Returners programme in April.

They are looking for people wanting to work again after a career break from an Engineering or technical sector or people who have a degree in these areas but aren’t using it as they would like. They will even consider people who would love to transfer sectors but done have any experience.

A spokesperson for Babcock said: “We are currently sourcing candidates for the Babcock ‘STEM Returners’ programme. It is a 13 week, fully paid and supported return to work programme starting in April 2019 in Plymouth. 

“All candidates will have the opportunity to obtain a permanent role at the end of the programme. 

“No career break is too long.”

To register to return to STEM visit www.stemreturners.com or email hello@stemreturners.com.

For more information about the programme  visit  https://www.stemreturners.com/2018/12/20/babcock-seeks-stem-returners-join-career-programme-devonport/

Christiana Richardson