A lorry trailer holding a multi-media classroom turns up at Pool Academy

A lorry trailer holding a multi-media classroom arrived at Pool Academy for students to take part in RE sessions with a difference.


GSUS Live is an initiative run by Counties UK to help students explore topics about fear, rejection and forgiveness.

Students, seated in pairs, watched a short introductory film before screens popped up in front of them from inside their desks.


They were encouraged to wear headphones and take part in an interactive program. It was the story of three teenagers who faced real-life issues and how they got inspiration from the bible to deal with their problems.  Students taking part were encouraged to help the characters as they explored the subjects.

Marc Stephens, Pool Academy Chaplin, took part in training on how to deliver the service.

He said: “The students used the touch-screens to follow a program where they were encouraged to give the characters advice and help them out.”

Margh Brewer, a teacher from Pool Academy, said: “The students really engaged with it. It is great to see them using the resources to tackle the different subjects covered. We are giving them strategies to deal with it.”

The lorry trailer will be taken to different secondary schools across West Cornwall in the next five weeks.

Christiana Richardson