Former student returns to her roots to mentor students

A doctor and former Pool Academy student returned to school recently to help inspire and mentor others.

Cara Swain, a trainee surgeon at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, captivated Year 9s when she spoke to them about her journey from Pool Academy student to qualified doctor and now to training to become a surgeon.

She also spoke about her time in the Navy with photographs illustrating her experiences whilst overseas.

Cara welcomed questions and one student asked what was one of her most difficult operations. She told them about the time she re–implanted a man’s fingers.

After her speech Cara agreed to mentor four Year 9 students to help them aspire to achieve their goals.

On Instagram Cara wrote about her experience on returning to Pool Academy: “If you had told me 15 years ago that I would willingly come back to this building, I would have probably laughed in your face. However, today I was given the privilege to talk to the Year 9 students about self-belief and inspiration.”

She added: “I’m looking forward to working with Pool Academy and its students in the future, to develop the untapped resource of the young people within the Cornish community. “

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Simon Ferguson, Pastoral Support, at Pool Academy, said: “Cara met four pupils afterwards who she has offered to mentor and give ongoing support, via email, to help them aim towards their aspirations and goals.

“Thank you to Cara for coming and speaking to the Year 9 students. She was very inspirational. It was great to have a local, past student, who has done well come back and inspire others.”

Cara Swain attended the school from September 2000 until July 2005 before attending Bristol Medical School and becoming a qualified doctor in 2012.

While at university Cara chose to join the Royal Navy and after graduation she travelled the world on various ships providing medical support to military operations.

Christiana Richardson