Rugby player helps launch Active in Mind Project

A South African International rugby player visited Pool Academy this week to help launch the Active in Mind Project.

Thinus Delport spent an afternoon with students who have been training as Year 10 mentors to help their younger peers.

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The mentors have been trained to use PE and leadership skills to help develop self-confidence, lower anxiety and improve organisation.

On Tuesday Thinus joined in with a half-day workshop led by the older students. It included some dance warm ups and then some group sport activities.

Thinus joining in with a dance warm up

Thinus joining in with a dance warm up

The student mentors, with PE teachers, will now run weekly sessions for a group of Year 7s.  

Sessions for the boys will take place every Monday and sessions for girls will be held every Wednesday up until the Easter holidays.

Thinus, who is a Youth Sport Trust Athlete Mentor, said: “I have been impressed with the mentors, how they organised Tuesday’s session and how they engaged the whole group.

“It looked as though they got everyone excited and taking part in sessions. I think they will do well.

“Hopefully I can come back and see how they are developing.

“It is a good project to get the students mentoring.”

Julian Hosking, PE teacher at Pool Academy, said: “I am so impressed with the year 10 leaders.

“They went for a training session with Thinus before Christmas to learn how to work with young people and engage a healthy lifestyle using the project by the Youth Sports Trust.

“The Year 7 group really enjoyed the afternoon session. It was lots of fun.”

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Art, Music, Drama and PE, said: “Active in Mind Project is a really positive project for all involved and will be a great benefit to the Year 10 students in terms of the skills they will develop over the course of the Mentoring programme.”

Some more warm up exercise.

Some more warm up exercise.

Christiana Richardson