Students urged to help PirateFM’s tin appeal

Students are being urged to help PirateFM’s Tonne of Tins appeal by bringing in a can or two for the Foodbank.

The local radio station wants to raise awareness for Foodbanks across Cornwall and is calling on people to help donate.

Pool Academy will be its ‘unofficial’ drop off point so parents, students and members of the community can bring in tins.

The tins most wanted as part of the appeal include rice pudding, custard, tinned meat or fish, chopped tomatoes and curries.

The appeal will run throughout February and Pool Academy will drop off all it has collected after half term at the end of the month.

A spokesperson for Pool Academy said: “As soon as we heard about PirateFM’s Tonne of Tins appeal we wanted to do our bit.

“We collected a lot of items for the Foodbank on the run up to Christmas and we were pleased at how generous our students and their families were.

“We hope people will pop an extra tin into their shopping to donate.

“Let’s try and collect as many tins as possible for PirateFM and the local foodbanks.”

In December generous donations meant staff at Pool Academy was able to donate more than 100 items to the CPR Foodbank.

It was the second year a collection point was set up at the school to help others during the Christmas season.

Foodbank workers like to provide a package to those in need that will help provide three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced meals.

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Christiana Richardson