Students awarded for loneliness project

A community group has handed Pool Academy’s Head Boy and Head Girl an award for their work to help try and end loneliness in 2018.


Peter Cale from the Camborne, Redruth and District Lions Club invited Holly and Matthew to their meeting in December to present them with a Youth Achievement Award.

The club members were so impressed with the students’ work to help others in the community that they wanted to recognise them.

The pair went along to their evening meeting and spoke to members about the work they’ve done and their future plans before being given a certificate.

Mr Cale said: “The award presentation went very, very well. Matthew and Holly's joint address was warmly received and certainly made an impression on our members. There was an outbreak of applause which is something I have not witnessed before.”

Holly said: “The meeting went well and we spoke to them about our project. We were grateful for being invited.”

Matthew said: “We would like to say thank you for thinking of us and presenting us with the award.

“Our parents were really proud of us for being given the certificate.”

Claire Meakin, Principal of Pool Academy, said: “It was absolutely wonderful to hear that our Head Boy and Head Girl were recognised in this way. I am incredibly proud of them and all they have done as part of their loneliness project.”

Christiana Richardson