GB athlete to visit Pool Academy


A GB athlete is due to visit Pool Academy on Friday to take part in a sponsored activity with a group of students.

Members of Year 7 will be taking part in an Inspired Through Sport event at the end of the week to help raise cash for athletes who can’t afford to reach their full potential.

Over the Christmas break students asked as many people as possible to sponsor them to take part in a fitness morning with the sportsperson - yet to be revealed.

Prizes are on offer for those who achieve high totals and there is still time for them to add to their sponsorship form before the event.

On Friday there will also be an assembly, question and answer sessions and workshops with the athlete.

Tom Ford, PE teacher at Pool Academy, said: “We are hoping the students will help to raise a lot of money and are able to get involved with the great cause.

“There will be prizes on offer for those collecting sponsorship.  The prizes will be for students who have raised over a certain amount of money.”

“I am excited for the activities on Friday as I think it will be a lot of fun.”

Inspired by Sport is a supporter of British Athletes in the UK. Visit for more information.

Christiana Richardson