Students encouraged to join after school revision clubs

Year 11 students are being encouraged to take part in after school revision sessions to boost their studies.

Clubs will be held every day from 3pm-5pm with the aim to create specific sessions for every subject once a week.

Jodie Philips, Head of Year 11, said: “We ask parents and carers to continue the wonderful encouragement of their child to keep attending these which will continue until exams and coursework deadlines.”

The school is also starting its ‘Keys4Life’ project this term for a select number of Year 11 students.  The project will run for an hour a week for six weeks exploring topics including health, sleep, anxiety and stress.

Mrs Phillips said: “This project really is a fantastic opportunity for students to focus on their health, happiness and well-being leading up to their exams.”

Other plans in the pipeline include holding breakfast revision sessions.

A number of Year 11s have also been given a mentor as a first point of contact for support. They will check in on the students as often as needed and can offer extra support.

Mrs Philips explained: “Their role is to be someone who will just listen to our students and help to reassure and solve any worries or concerns.

“If your child has not been designated a member of staff and would like one, please email me and I will sort someone to support them in the New Year.”

 Revision guides are also available for students to purchase.

Christiana Richardson