Food tech teacher is looking for top student chefs

Pool Academy’s Food Technology teacher would like students to take part in a national cooking competition.

The annual Springboard FutureChef competition is about to begin but only two students from the academy can be entered into the next second heat. 

Mrs Strana, Pool Academy teacher, will be running a competition in school to decide which two will be able to enter the next heat. She hopes to hold the internal competition in the last week before half term.

The first heat, in school, requires competitors to create a one course meal with a price budget of up to £5. The second round will ask them to create a two course meal for two people with a budget of £7. After the Regional Finals, National Finals will be held at Westminster Kingsway College and will be judged by industry and celebrity chefs.

Mrs Strana said: “I have an exciting opportunity available to any hopeful chefs out there. 

“The Springboard Future chef competition is one of the largest competitions for chefs in the country.  

“I can only enter two students from Pool Academy. As we have so many fantastic chefs out there I need to run an internal competition to find the best of the best.

“Heats will take place during the last week of this half term.

“If this is something you are interested in and make contact to sign up. I will be accepting applications up until Thursday (10th October) so I can coordinate the after school sessions. We have had several county finalists in the past and would like to maintain our current standard.”

Christiana Richardson