Brownies give Kerrier Division Star award to Pool Academy Principal

Pool Academy’s principal has been awarded a Kerrier Division Star badge after helping Brownies with some of their events.


The badge is awarded by the Division Commissioner for exceptional support and acts of kindness towards the girls in the Kerrier area. 

Hannah Tame, Division Commissioner, said Principal Claire Meakin has been very supportive of Girlguiding Kerrier.

In the last academic year Young Leaders at 1st Pool Brownies, who are also students at Pool Academy, ran World Thinking Days at the secondary school for primary school pupils in the area.

brownies (2).jpg

Another time, the academy hall was given over to hosting the Kerrier Brownies for a big sleep over event called Myths and Magic in May. More than 120 girls and their leaders were able to stay together and enjoy activities such as craft, chocolate and a silent disco. They all earned a badge and made some fantastic new friends too. 

To thank Miss Meakin for her help and involvement with Girlguiding Kerrier, the Division Commissioner and her Brownies at 1st Pool awarded her the highest award that can be given in Kerrier Division. Miss Meakin accepted her award of the Kerrier Star and box of chocolates at 1st Pool Brownies Unit Meeting. 

Hannah Tame, Division Commissioner, said: “It has been wonderful to work with Miss Meakin and we are grateful for her help with both the events hosted at Pool Academy.

“We are also grateful for her help with raising the profile of Guiding in Kerrier.

“Our girls learn valuable life skills, have fun and make friendships that develop them as individuals, whilst understanding the importance of community service and good citizenship.

“Miss Meakin embodies all of these values and we thank her for supporting us with our continued work.”

A number of students at Pool Academy are part of local groups and Miss Meakin was once a Brownie herself.

Christiana Richardson