First class for show jumper

A show jumping student and her horse have been awarded first class after competing at an event recently.

showjumping elli.jpeg

Ellie, Year 7, has been riding ever since she was ‘put on a horse at nine months old’. She has competed in events quite a few times now and her most recent one took place near Camborne. She took her horse Woody, a Dartmoor, to the Pendarves Derby where she was awarded First Class as well as other awards.

Ellie, who used to go to Pencoys Primary School, said: “Every single time I get on a horse I really enjoy it.

“I have never really wanted to stop.”

She got into jumping after one of the horses she rode just wanted to do it.

She said: “The horse would start to canter and then aim for a jump while I managed to sit on her.

“It has been the last five or six years now that I have really enjoyed show jumping. I have been going to Bicton and have qualified for Wales events.”

Ellie said she got a bigger horse now, seven-year-old Jess, a Palomino who is 14.1 hands.

She said: “She is a bit bigger than Woody. She is a very good show jumper.”

Ellie goes to the stables every day from 6.30am and then back again at 9pm to muck out and do other jobs for the horses.

She said her parents were proud of her after her recent success at the derby.

Christiana Richardson