Active student wins award

An energetic student from Pool Academy has been handed an award for her sporting efforts over the last 12 months.

Jemma Kearney was invited to the latest Camborne, Redruth and District Lions meeting to be given a Youth Achievement Award.

Her friends and family attended the event where she spoke a little about her sporting activities and achievements.


Members of the club invited her after hearing about her accomplishments including her successes at last year’s Cornwall County Athletic Association’s Athletics Championships.

She said: “I told them about my achievements and they said nice things to me about it. I got a round of applause.

“My whole family, and grandparents, came to the meeting to see me get the certificate.

“They were all proud of me.”

Jemma, who loves running, trains with Cornwall Athletic Club, takes part in the Heartlands Park run 5k on Saturdays as well as other activities.

Jemma said it is currently cross country season at the moment and so this is the field she is training in at the moment.

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for PE, Art Music and Drama, said: “Congratulations to Jemma for being given a Youth Achievement Award from the Camborne, Redruth and District Lions.

“Jemma is highly dedicated to her running and athletics as well as other sport and dance. I am so proud of her dedication and passion and she deserves everything she has worked so hard for.”

Christiana Richardson