Students praised after mock interview event

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Students taking part in mock interview day were praised for their ‘outstanding’ efforts by local business officials.

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Representatives from more than 23 local business and colleges arrived at Pool Academy to interview students and provide feedback on their CVs.

Officials conducting the interviews included Cornwall Marine Network Limited, Coastline Housing, Cornwall College, the Project Skills coordinator from Kier, the Talent Development Coordinator from Cornwall Council and South West Electrical Solutions.

They asked students a number of questions including; list your strengths and weaknesses, what could you bring to a job, what are your plans for future studies?

Tony Hands, from the Royal Marines and Royal Navy, said: “It has been another outstanding day. I have been to this event for the last four or five years. It is not just about what the children get out of it but what we get out of it too. These students could be potential employees.

“I was very fortunate that all the students I interviewed during the day were outstanding. They were clearly prepared and dressed appropriately.

“They were really positive. Every student I met at Pool Academy clearly made an effort.”

Zoe Collick, HR Advisor from Coastline Housing, said: “I was really, really impressed with the students. They came across very confident and I felt like they were getting something out of the experience. It was really good.”

Tracy Sinclair, from Richfords Fire and Flood, said: “One of the students I interviewed was relaxed and very articulate. He had a plan and I was very impressed with him. It was good to be able to give him some tips.”

Frank Baker, a Governor, used to work as clinical psychologist in the NHS before he retired. He said: “The student I interviewed was very impressive. He knew what he wanted to do and I think he is going to get there.”

Evan Richards, Deputy Head Boy, said he wants to go into medicine and was pleased he was interviewed by Mr Baker.

Evan said: “It was a very good experience and the interview was very realistic. It was good to be interviewed by Mr Baker as he knew a lot about medicine. It was really useful.”

Head Girl Holly

Head Girl Holly

Head Girl Holly Campbell said: “It was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it. I was very nervous but it got a bit better as the interview went on.

Robert impressing in a mock interview

Robert impressing in a mock interview

“It was a good experience.”

Robert Bond said: “It went really well and was incredibly informative. The mock interview day allowed me to develop my confidence. I hope I am able to apply what I have learnt to a real interview.”

Nigel Williams, teacher at Pool Academy, coordinated the event. He said: “This is a very useful day for our students and they get a lot out of it.

“Mock Interview day gives them a real insight into what interviews are like and how businessmen and women conduct them.”

Sarah Newham, Parent Governor who leads on careers, was involved with the day. She said: “I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who took part in the event.

“I am passionate about the importance of preparing young people for the world of work. Mock Interview day is the highlight of Year 11 and I was very proud to be involved as part of the day.

 “This event is held in high esteem across the county and Pool Academy should to be commended for providing these essential Life Skills to their young people” 

Yasmin England, also helped with the event’s coordination. She said: “It went really well and the students were enthusiastic. They learnt a lot about the way interviews are conducted in the real world.”

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