Students stock up on careers information.

A group of students have been stocking up on careers information and advice after visiting an exhibition in Exeter.


About 33 students from Year 10 were taken to the Westpoint Exhibition Centre last week.

During the day there were a large number of stands for a range of different careers and future options.

Karen England, from Pool Academy, took the students.

She said: “A group of 33 Year 10 students, went to Westpoint Exhibition Centre in Exeter to attend an apprenticeships skills show. The students had an opportunity to talk to company representatives to discover what is expected of them if they signed up to apprenticeships.


“All seemed to take away quite a bit of information and freebies and seemed motivated for their future possibilities.

“It was well worth a trip.

“It inspired them and a lot of them had a chat with the experts.

“It was nice to see them chatting and being engaged.”

Christiana Richardson