Students bake to double their money

£20cake (3).JPG

There were cakes aplenty when students baked scores of cakes in a bid to double their money for charity.

A group of Year 8 girls spent hours on Sunday making a range of sweet snacks for their peers at break and lunch time yesterday.

There were fairy cakes, chocolate crispy cakes, cupcakes, brownies and more on sale for 50p.

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The girls set up tables in the school gym to display their bakes and after lunch they toured the classrooms to sell them all.

The sale was part of a charity £20 challenge where students have been asked to try and multiply the original note.

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Edith said: “It took us about two or three hours to make the cakes. It was a quite a while but it was worth it. We did it for the £20 challenge. We all discussed it and agreed baking cakes would be a great way to raise money.”

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Charlotte said: “I made bite-sized cupcakes with different flavours in the icing. I also made marble cake which is one of my favourites.”

By the end of lunch break the girls believed they had raised more than £20 but are still counting the final amount.

Money raised will go to charity Children’s Hospice South West.

Teacher Sharon Bright said: “They worked tirelessly this weekend producing about 50 cakes.

“They made amazing cakes and there was a massive selection. They even got me to make some.”

Christiana Richardson