Student swims to success

A Pool Academy student has swum her way to success after breaking a record and getting first place at a recent tournament.

swimer (1).JPG

Amelia Durant, Year 8, took part in a number of swim contests over the weekend in both Penzance and Bodmin.

On Saturday she took part in the 200 metres backstroke, 50 metres backstroke and 100 metres in the Individual Medley.

She said: “I broke the 200 metres breaststroke record and got 2.48. 

“I was so pleased. I have worked really hard.”

On Sunday she went to Bodmin where she came first in the 200 metres and 100 metres freestyle. In the 50 metre butterfly she was 0.01 second away from becoming first place.

Amelia trains nearly every day, mainly at Carn Brea’s swimming pool, and even on some Mondays before school.

She said: “I am really happy. I would love to be a professional swimmer when I am older.”

She hopes to take part in more competitive swimming at Penzance and Bodmin this weekend too.

Emily Cromey, Head of Faculty for Art, Drama, Music and PE, said: “Congratulations to Amelia Durant who performed incredibly well at a county tournament for swimming this weekend. She even beat some students who were much older than her.

“We are so proud of her determination, grit and resilience and she is developing quite a formidable reputation in the swimming world.”

Christiana Richardson