Budding artist

A budding artist at Pool Academy loves to create images which are unique and special.

amelia g.JPG

Amelia Gawronek, Year 7, has a passion for art and has recently been practising to draw people. She likes drawing portraits and faces of people she imagines in her mind.

She is also a keen reader and a huge fan of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling. She describes herself as a Ravenclaw as that is the Hogwarts House she most identifies with.

Amelia, a former Treloweth Primary School pupil, said: “I really like art. I just think you can’t go wrong with it. It is special to you and nobody can remake it because it is unique.

“I also love English. I like it because I also love to write. I like reading fiction and my favourite author is JK Rowling and her Harry Potter books.”

Christiana Richardson