Student asks school to help recycle

A Pool Academy student is calling on her peers to help save the planet and charities by recycling crisp packets.


Arwen, Year 8, has discovered a shop in Truro is collecting empty crisp packets which its staff will then recycle. They will convert the number of collected crisp packets into points. These points will be turned into money donations for charity.

Arwen said she was keen to see people at Pool Academy recycle their crisp packets instead of throwing them away. She believes this will help our planet.

She gave teachers a flyer from the Refill Store, Lemon Street, which explained more about its scheme. It read that any brand of crisp packets was acceptable and declared: “The more you recycle the more we raise for Surfers Against Sewage.”

Arwen said: “I was talking about it with my mum. If you collect the empty crisps packets and send it to the shop, then you get points which can be turned into donations for charity.

“It means we would be helping to save the planet as well as helping charities.

“I do think about recycling and believe it is important.

“I would really like the school to help with this scheme.”

It is hoped collection points will be set up in tutor rooms and the canteen.

Items that cannot be recycled include popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags and meat snack bags.

Christiana Richardson