Students whisked away on revision trip

A group of maths students are to be whisked away to Dorset on an adventure weekend to help bolster revision.

Pool Academy teachers are organising a trip to Osmington Bay in Dorset, on March 15th - 17th, packed full of adventure activities and revision sessions.

The group of Year 11s will leave at lunchtime on Friday. When they arrive the weekend will be split into morning and afternoon sessions. While one group is revising topics for their GCSE maths the other half will be taking part in activities including abseiling, fencing, kayaking and problem solving. They will then swap at the end of each session.

Alastair James said: “This is an opportunity for students to engage in really specialised revision.

“We will be taking them away to help them to focus on their maths but also to learn that revision and time off is important.

“During the revision sessions we will work on the areas for development from their latest mocks. We will revise topics they feel less confident with.

“It is a really exciting opportunity to do revision in a completely different way. It teaches them how to revise. It gives them the chance to get away from distractions of life.

“The idea is to have some real fun and focus on revision.”

Mr James said teachers are planning additional weekends away later in the term for students who missed out this time.”





Christiana Richardson