Students with pinhole cameras


Budding photographers from Pool Academy took part in a pinhole camera workshop with members of Falmouth University.

A group of 36 Year 7 students travelled to East Pool Mine for the day recently to use the cameras made by students from the nearby university.

They then took photographs and developed them in a dark room during the workshop which took place from 9.30am until 2.30pm. Students were also given an opportunity to take digital photographs around the Pool mine too.


Shelley Brennan, from Pool Academy, went along with the group.

She said: “A lot of the Year 7s who took part had never done photography before. They all enjoyed it.

“It was really good and they really got into it. They were doing different poses and taking different shots.

“During the afternoon there was a presentation of a selection of photographs that the students had taken and they looked really good.

“They were all given a pinhole camera to take home with them.

“They had a really good time.

Christiana Richardson