Head boy is going for gold

Head Boy at Pool Academy is going for gold as he works towards his final Duke of Edinburgh award.


Matthew Daddow, Year 11, has been participating in the achievement award challenge for more than three years and believes he is the only student at Pool Academy working towards gold.

He has been taking part in the many activities and adventures required with his RAF cadet force.

He said: “I completed my silver in September and decided to go straight on to gold. As part of it I will have to complete a residential at an old RAF base in Portreath. I think it will include adventure training, kayaking and mountain biking.

“I have enjoyed doing the Duke of Edinburgh awards and I have been able to meet a lot of new people. Going on the expeditions is one of the best bits about it.

“I believe doing this has developed my character and given me more confidence.”

He said he hopes to complete his gold award by September.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally known and many companies looking for employees are impressed by seeing it appear on CVs. It helps to prove self-motivation and the ability to work unprompted.

Christiana Richardson