Re-using tyres creatively

Scores of tyres have arrived at Pool Academy ready to be transformed into planters and other items for the school grounds.


Staff at the secondary school are starting to embrace new ways of reducing waste by recycling and this is one of the latest innovative ideas.

The tyres were donated to the school and now students will be encouraged to use them to grow plants and make them into other useful items. It’s hoped some will also be inspired to paint them in bright and colourful designs.

One of the groundsmen at Pool Academy believes it is a refreshing initiative to help encourage students to be creative and discover new outdoor skills.

He can’t wait to see the students coming up with ideas to freshen the tyres up and make them useful again.

Kate Francis, From Pool Academy, said: “We are very excited to have them. They will be used for all sorts of lovely things.

“We also hope it will promote the reusing and recycling ethos and remind students that you don’t have to throw everything away.

“It will be good for the students who do gardening and we will paint some during activities week so we can have some colourful seating.”

She said it was Sandra Hampton, the school’s librarian, who heard that the tyres were being offered for free to people who could reuse them.

Other recent recycling projects run in the school include collecting used crisp packets to recycle for a charity scheme and joining the Surfers Against Sewerage Plastic-Free Schools scheme.

Miss Meakin said: “We are very excited to see how these projects develop.”

Christiana Richardson