Student’s plastic-free passion leads to talks with officials

A Pool Academy student passionate about creating a plastic-free school has met with the Academy’s top officials.


Freya is no stranger to talking to people in power about the subject after travelling to London to talk to a royal in the past.

She has now met Pool Academy’s Chair of Governors Clive Bramley and Vice Chairman Frank Baker. She hopes they will be able to support her in her mission reduce the use of plastic at her school.

Freya was one of the leads in helping her primary school in Portreath to become plastic-free. She now wants to do the same at Pool. She says it will be a tough job as it is a much bigger school but she is determined and wants others to help her on her quest.

She said: “Plastic is everywhere. I live near the beach and every weekend if you go on the beach you can see it there.

“My old primary school is plastic free and I helped with that. I went to London and spoke to a prince about it as well.

“I know what I am talking about as I was the leader on the plastic free team at Portreath and I would like to be the lead at Pool Academy as well.

 “It is going to be a hard job as it is a bigger school but I am up for the challenge.”

Mr Bramley said: “Mr Baker and I were impressed with Freya’s recent announcement about tackling the use of plastics in order to improve our environment. We asked to meet with her to see if Governors could help her with the project.

 “Freya explained a number of ideas and said she would set out some of them in more detail and then meet again with Governors to set out a plan of action.”

Christiana Richardson