Combined Cadet Force launches

Pool Academy will be celebrating the launch of their new Combined Cadet Force at school next week.

A group of officials from across the county have been invited to join in with the official launch which is due to take place on Monday (March 25).

jezz james.JPG

The Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education recently gave Pool Academy the nod to set up its own cadet force.

Simon Ferguson, from Pool Academy, will be the Contingent Commander. He has been organising the launch event.

Former student, Surgeon-Lieutenant Commander Cara Swain RN has agreed to speak to Year 11 during an assembly and spend the day at the Academy. Members of the Armed Forces from the Army Careers Office and 165 Port and Maritime Regiment will be in attendance, as well as a representative from the Office of George Eustice MP.

WO2 Jezz James (Rifles) HO SW CTT TSA will be the CCF’s training safety officer for the secondary school. He is looking forward to being part of the launch. He said in September Pool Academy will be the ninth school he will be safety advisor for.

He said: “I am very excited for Pool Academy launching the CCF. I don’t think we have had one down here before.

Mr Ferguson said: “It is really exciting to be launching our new Combined Cadet Force. It is a scheme that will offer some amazing opportunities to our students and it is wonderful to see how many people are getting involved and sending us their support."

Christiana Richardson