Sad news

Charlie was loved by everyone at Pool Academy. He was a bright, articulate and caring student who was a real pleasure to get to know and see grow across his 5 years with us.

Charlie achieved strong GCSE grades in summer 2018 because of his quiet but determined resilience. He enhanced his academic studies with a real passion for playing the guitar and he could always be relied upon to make everyone in the room smile with his cheeky sense of humour.  Staff were sad to see him leave in June 2018 but they knew Charlie was excited about studying a diploma at Truro College.

We are absolutely devastated at the loss of someone who had so much potential and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Charlie’s friends and family.

Penhaligon’s Friends immediately offered their support and we will continue to work with parents and carers to identify any students know may need extra support at this time.

Christiana Richardson