Mini French high street in classroom

A mini French high street has been created in a classroom by students for their modern languages class.

Students have enjoyed making their own models of shops and buildings found in a town in France. These included a cinema, a bakery and a building full of books. They were created out of shoe boxes collected by school members.


Erin, Year 7, said: “It was really fun making the models. It was creative and I learnt French as well. I made a post office.”

Maisie said: “I did enjoy doing it. I spent a lot of time on it. It took me a whole weekend and I learnt a lot from it too.”

Amelia said: “I made a restaurant. It has a kitchen inside it as well. I learnt how to say ‘No Entry’ in French because I needed to know it for one of the signs in the restaurant model.”

Chris Jadav, Modern Language teacher at Pool Academy, said: "The students did so well on their shop models. They made them as a creative way to learn French words for places and items found in the different shops.

“I was very impressed by the variety of models made and how the students had done their research to label items within the model shops."

"Well done."

Christiana Richardson