Comic book creator excited for second issue

A comic-book creator at Pool Academy is excited about designing his brand new issue - due to be completed by summer.

Xander (2).JPG

Xander-Miles Dickinson, Year 7, has been busy drawing and writing the second issue of his comic book series. It is about food with personalities that live alongside humans. They need to fight for their survival as some of the humans are trying to snatch them and eat them.

Xander, who went to primary school in Illogan, completed his original comic in June last year and he is now hoping his next one will be ready by June 2019.

He said: “I am now thinking of more ideas for the comic series I have been working on.

“I think of all the designs and create a rough sketch before I start drawing the pictures. I write about what is going on in one paragraph.

“I make just one copy of the comic and then keep it. I would like to publish lots of them using a computer when I am older.

“My plans for the future are to be a comic book writer, an architect and an Autism Champion.”

Xander, who is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador at Pool Academy, said he enjoys studying at Pool Academy.

He added: “When I’m older I want to become an Autism Champion too so I can help people with autism to feel happy.”

Christiana Richardson