Head pays former pupils a visit

The head of a near-by primary school paid a visit to Pool Academy recently to see how her former pupils were doing.

Cassie Pamplin, from Portreath Community Primary School, visited the four students to hear how they were finding life at Pool Academy.

Caitlin, Freya, Jake and Daniel, in Year 7, said it was a surprise to see their former teacher arrive during their school day.

They showed her some of the things they had been learning at Pool Academy recently. They showed her their English and Maths books and then invited her to visit the school’s emotional support dog Rufus.

Caitlin said: “We didn’t know she was coming here.

“We spent an hour with her and showed her our books and she said they were presented neatly. She was impressed by our work.

“I think she missed us at Portreath.

“We would like to say thank you for coming, it was lovely to see you.”

Mrs Pamplin said: “It was wonderful to see them all. They seemed very grown up and enjoying life at Pool Academy. They spoke about how much they loved PE and were keen to introduce me to their school dog, Rufus.”

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Christiana Richardson