Students dream up new board game

A group of students have come up with their very own board game based on emotions.

boardgame (2) (1).JPG

The selection of Year 10s created the game as part of a workshop held last week.

Their colourful games saw players invited to travel around the board across a number of squares to reach the finish.

Rolanda, Year 10, said: “The board game was based on expressing emotions and feelings. It was a lot of fun to make.

“It was colourful and magical.”

Joshua said: “It took a couple of weeks for us to plan and make. There was a lot of planning involved.”

The students said they really enjoyed the activity and would love to do something like it again. They are currently keeping it safe in a classroom but said they might get it out to play one day in the future.

Rebecca Sampson, from Pool Academy, said: “The students worked well together as a group. They designed the game themselves based on the Disney Inside Out film and emotions.

“It took six weeks to complete and they enjoyed the sessions. 

“The group were a pleasure to work with and I hope it has encouraged them to work independently. I was very impressed with their ideas to base a board game on emotions that a younger year group could use to help talk about feelings and emotions.”

Christiana Richardson