Roller skating student loves to write

A roller skating student who loves writing says she enjoys taking part in English lessons at Pool Academy.


Madison Price, in Year 7, used to go to Rosemellin Community Primary School before joining other young people from across the community at Pool.

She revealed one of her favourite subjects is English because she likes to write about ‘things that are real’. She has been invited to join the school’s journalism club.

In her spare time she enjoys being active by going out roller skating with friends.

Madison said: “Sometimes I like to go roller skating with my friends. I have been doing it for about three years. I broke my arm once when I was doing it. I fell which caused me to and put too much pressure onto my shoulder. It hasn’t put me off though.

“My favourite subject at school is English because I like to write and I enjoy being creative. I like to write articles.

“I have made quite a few new friends at Pool Academy and I like the teachers here.”

Christiana Richardson