Professional Poet visits students

A professional poet visited Pool Academy to raise awareness of the decline of a special Cornish moss.

Ella Frears travelled from London to hold a workshop in Pool School Art Gallery this week.

Students were encouraged to paint and write poetry with Ella and artist Ben Sanderson.

They spoke about Cornish Path Moss explaining that there is only 0.16m2 of it left in the whole world across two sites in Cornwall.

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The students were encouraged to create art pieces with poems on them which had rules such as having to include a bird and colour.

Ella said: “It was a pleasure to come and work with the young people at Pool Academy.  The students were creative and thoughtful. They worked really hard to make some very beautiful art pieces.”

Ben said: “The students had to come up with a poem inspired by the story of the Cornish Moss and I was impressed with the quality of work they produced. They all enjoyed finding out about the Moss and exploring what this means to us and our county.”

Ella is a poet from South East London and has had her writing printed in a range of many publications.

Cornish Path Moss grows on the soil heaps from old copper mines and is in slow decline. Ella and Ben have been working with conservation organisation, Back from the Brink, to raise awareness of the species.

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Christiana Richardson