Student contortionist

Last summer Pool Academy student Freya Johnson realised she wanted to become a contortionist.


The Year 7 student now practises regularly on her sofa to perfect her talent. It is no surprise then that her favourite subject at Pool Academy is PE.

She said: “I like to do contortions. I do it myself at my house. I have always been naturally flexible. I watched others doing it and it was not hard.  I don’t like doing it in front of people but my parents have seen me do it.  I just sit on the sofa and put my legs over my head. I don’t do gymnastics as I don’t like it but being a contortionist is something I would like to do when I am older.

“I enjoy doing PE at school. I think it is because I don’t really like sitting down for ages.”

Freya, who previously went to Portreath Community Primary School said she enjoys Pool Academy and has made lots of friends.

Christiana Richardson