Surgeon in training gives students inspiration

A former student and surgeon in training has given an inspiring talk to members of Pool Academy.

Cara Swain, who was at the school from September 2000, returned to help boost future aspirations.

She encouraged students not to be afraid of making mistakes and to aim high.

Cara, who has spoken to students in the past, hoped her story would help others not to be afraid of following their career dreams.

Clive Bramley, Chair of Governors at Pool Academy, said: “I was delighted to meet with Cara when she gave an inspirational presentation about her time as a student at Pool.

“It was great to hear how she went on to have a wonderful career in the Navy as a doctor.

“She explained how it is important to make the right choices in life but not to be frightened about making mistakes —just learn from them.

“I believe she is a great role model for our students inspiring them to work hard, aim high and do not worry if what you first try to do does not work out as you plan. All of our students can achieve the heights reached by Cara.

Cara Swain attended the school from September 2000 until July 2005 before attending Bristol Medical School and becoming a qualified doctor in 2012.

While at university Cara chose to join the Royal Navy and after graduation she travelled the world on various ships providing medical support to military operations.

She is currently a trainee surgeon at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, holding the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander.

Jodie Phillips, Head of Year 11, said: “The students were impressed by how far she had come and they found her very inspirational.

“She was brilliant.”

Cara when she was at Pool Academy

Cara when she was at Pool Academy

Christiana Richardson