Trampolining student

A Pool Academy student is jumping into training with hopes of success at an annual event later this year.


Former Pencoys Primary School pupil, Grace Zaccardelli, is practising for two hours a week with her trampoline team at Phoenix in Camborne.

She is looking forward to an annual event taking place in Bristol in May. In the past she has received medals for first, second and third place there. She is hopeful to do well at this latest competition.

She said: “I realised I liked trampolining after I tried lots of different sports and this was the one I enjoyed the most.

“My favourite is the back flip.

“I do it for fitness and for fun.”

She said her favourite subject at school is DT where she is learning electronics and cooking. She loves using the different tools in DT.

When she is older she hopes to become either a vet or an actress.

Christiana Richardson